Beaver Electrical Services Bristol – Quality Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractors


About us

Beaver Electrical Ltd was formed to reduce the high costs of electrical installations and maintenance with the aim of making major ‘in-roads’ into costs without compromise. Negotiations have taken place with various suppliers to keep costs at a very low level and labour costs have been streamlined without compromising response, quality or service.

With our fully comprehensive support systems, we maintain all records relevant to your establishment. We will carry out on your behalf all checks and issue relevant certificates to comply with regulations including dealing with any technical queries with relevant Environmental Health Officers or Health & Safety Executive.

Out of Hours Service

Beaver Electrical Ltd operates a dedicated 24 hour call out system, 365 days a year. During normal operating hours (8am – 4.30pm) Monday to Friday) all calls will be dealt with by our main office.

Normal local response times are 3 hours for an emergency and 24 hours for routine call outs.